Gym Flooring – Why Is It Important to Choose the Correct Gym Mat?

It is important to choose the correct gym mat for the type of workout you will be doing to prevent damage to floors and equipment. The gym is full of various different machines and equipment each for different workouts and routines. Some workouts may include the use of treadmills and ellipticals while others may be using the dumbbells and weights. No matter what workout you choose to do, it is important to safeguard your floors and provide padding for your joints. Rubber-Cal offers a wide selection of gym rubber mats that are suited for both light and heavy workout sessions. Large weights and heavy fitness machines can damage the floors underneath as well as causing damage to the equipment themselves. So, depending on the vigor and type of workout, the flooring will need the correct gauge thickness to effectively provide protection.

  1. “Elephant Bark” Rubberized Flooring – This rubberized flooring option is one of our most popular gym flooring options due to the durability of its recycled rubber composition. Available in three gauge thicknesses (5mm, 6.4mm, 9.5mm) “Elephant Bark” flooring is designed to be able to withstand abrasive conditions, large fitness machines and dropped dumbbells. This is the ideal flooring option for covering wall-to-wall gym spaces for protection throughout the gym.

    "Elephant Bark" roll flooring is available in 3 thicknesses to satisfy any workout routine.
    “Elephant Bark” roll flooring is available in 3 thicknesses to satisfy any workout routine.
  2. “Eco-Sport 1-inch” Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tiles – These interlocking tiles are best suited for heavy-duty workouts involving heavy weights and equipment. An example of a heavy-duty workout includes deadlifting. Deadlifting is, essentially, 500 to 600 pounds of weight being dropped directly onto the floor from about waist level. This amount of force will inevitably damage the floors severely without the correct matting in place. Heavy-duty workout mats should be 3/4-inch thick or thicker to provide ample shock absorption.

    The "Eco-Sport 1-Inch" interlocking floor tiles offers superior underfoot cushion and pliability to lessen the shock on body joints from walking or running or to provide excellent surface protection by working as a buffer between floors and heavy equipment.
    The “Eco-Sport 1-Inch” interlocking floor tiles lessens the shock on body joints from walking or runningĀ and provides excellent surface protection from heavy equipment.

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