Easy to Install Flooring: Interlocking Floor Tiles

Modular flooring, or interlocking tiles, are one of the most customizable rubber flooring options available here at Rubber-Cal. Compared to rolled rubber flooring, modular flooring offers a customizable installation method that is ideal for do-it-yourself projects. They can either be available with puzzle-like sides or sides with holes designed to connect the tiles with a small pin. Regardless of the interlocking mechanism, modular floor tiles are popular for their ease of installation.

Due to their impermanence, many believe modular flooring can only be used in certain settings; however, this is not true. Instead, they are versatile products that perform well in any environment, whether it be commercial, residential, or industrial. Due to their no-adhesive installation, modular flooring is easy to transport and store as needed on a daily basis. Furthermore, the rubber material they are made of provides a durable flooring option that will provide ample protection.

Click the image above to check out our line of durable rubber tiles!
Click the image above to check out our line of durable rubber tiles!

Modular flooring is offered in both recycled and synthetic rubber variations to ensure a durable flooring option for any application and setting. Recycled modular flooring is a more affordable variation of rubber available but will provide excellent resilience and durability. Synthetic modular flooring is better suited for heavy-duty applications, such as those in industrial settings. Regardless of material, modular flooring is meant to be a versatile, cost-effective, and do-it-yourself flooring option.

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