Rubber-Cal’s Coin-Pattern Flooring

Coin pattern flooring offers excellent traction and slip-resistance which can be a beneficial addition in most commercial and industrial settings. Compared to other surface pattern designs, the studded surface pattern offers more of a modern aesthetic. The raised surface of the coin grip pattern provides extra grip compared to traditional flooring options. Each raised coin-shaped circle act as extra gripping points for shoes to effectively grip onto for added surface traction. A coin floor is extremely versatile being able to be used both indoors and outdoors depending on the raw materials used, rubber or vinyl.

1. Rubber

Rubber naturally has a high coefficient of friction which gives rubber exceptional traction retaining abilities even when exposed to moisture. With the addition of the studded surface pattern, there is that added assurance of better grip and less opportunities for slip and fall accidents to occur. Rubber coin pattern flooring can be used both indoors and outdoors due to rubber’s moisture resistance and resistance to damaging weather patterns. Generally, rubber coin flooring will be made out of thermoplastic rubber which gives the rubber a stronger and more durable structure. This means thermoplastic rubber gives coin flooring the characteristics of both rubber and plastic allowing them to be used for a wider variety of purposes. This makes thermoplastic flooring more versatile and durable against factors natural rubber cannot withstand. Because of this, coin pattern flooring made out of thermoplastics offer longer life when in contact with the elements or household chemicals.

2. PVC

Due to vinyl’s composition, vinyl coin pattern flooring is a versatile flooring option for industrial settings and for garage or basement flooring where it can come into contact with car oils and common household chemicals rubber is not able to withstand; however, vinyl’s composition does not allow for outdoor use as the colors will fade. Unlike rubber flooring, vinyl stud flooring is also available in a metallic finish as well which offers a metal-like look that is generally sought after in industrial setting or in garages. Since vinyl is a thinner material, vinyl stud flooring is not as comfortable as rubber stud flooring. Despite this, vinyl is also extremely abrasion resistant and the added coin-grip surface pattern gives vinyl flooring extra slip resistant properties. Although moisture will not damage the surface of your vinyl coin grip flooring, vinyl will not retain its traction as well as rubber when wet but, the studded surface pattern will help keep your feet firmly planted on the floor with each step.

Coin pattern flooring is one of the most common industrial and commercial non-slip flooring options available on the market. Its composition of either thermoplastic rubber or vinyl make them impervious to damage caused by moisture and durable enough to be used both indoors and outdoors. Rubber’s natural characteristics are enhanced by the stud surface pattern and with the addition of thermoplastic rubber’s characteristics. With the ease of installation and maintenance, coin pattern flooring is one of the most recommended flooring options for versatile situations.

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