Front Entrance Mats

Doormats are the staple decoration choice for most home entrances. Decorative doormats will help brighten up your home’s entrance and will greet your guests with a warm welcome. Various types of home doormats are available for you to choose from and can be used commercially, or exclusively as home entrance mats. Although some types of home doormats are bought with the sole purpose of aesthetics in mind, you will find that both rubber and coir decorative doormats have a high level of functionality to them as well as unique designs that will frame your home’s entrance beautifully.

Rubber Doormats

Rubber is the best material for both indoor and outdoor use but, it is most often set outdoors in front of an entrance. Rubber’s high coefficient of friction allows it to retain its traction abilities even when wet, making rubber doormats the ideal choice for outdoor use. Often made of recycled rubber, rubber doormats have excellent outdoor life as well as excellent abrasion resistance. While commercial rubber doormats are one solid sheet of rubber, residential doormats can also come in the form of cast iron mats. Not only are rubber doormats effective for commercial entryways, they can be used residentially as well.

Check out our popular "Dura-Scraper Wave" Rubber Door Mat by clicking the image above!
Check out our popular “Dura-Scraper Wave” Rubber Door Mat by clicking the image above!

Natural Coir Doormats

Coir is most often used in the production of doormats for aesthetics purposes rather than functionality. There are wide varieties of decorative doormats with different themed images including nature, animal, and holiday. Despite their main use being for aesthetics, coir doormats are functional as scraper mats since they effectively remove dirt and debris from shoes before they litter interior floors. Coir doormats can come with a recycled or reclaimed rubber backside to ensure the mat stays in place. Other coir doormats can be made with a mixture of rubber and natural coir fibers. These two materials come together in an ornate cast iron designs with coir fiber mixed into the design.

Check out our line of decorative natural coir mats by clicking the image above!
Check out our line of decorative natural coir mats by clicking the image above!

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