Things to Take Care When Installing Rolled Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring can act as an additional layer of protective cover for your floor, especially when used in a room that is often subject to conditions that can easily damage the surface. A rubber sheet roll may seem easy to install, where you simply roll it out across the floor and your work is done. However, rubber flooring installation requires a bit of preparation and a lot of care for best results. Here are some of the things to take care of during installation:

  • Have the right tools – You will need hand tools like a T-square, tape measure, notched towel, chalk line, and a utility knife. A flooring roller is optional. Likewise, make sure you have power tools, such as a shop vacuum. You may need a mop and bucket, extra knife blades, glue, double-sided tape, and a floor cleaner, too.
  • Prepare the floor – Most types of rubber flooring can be laid over hard floors, but you have the option to remove the old flooring. Factors such as the thickness of the rubber sheet roll, the condition of the existing floor, and the possibility of the flooring becoming higher after installation must be considered, too. If you decide to install over existing floor, make sure that the sub floor itself is level. Take note of low spots and have them raised using self-leveling concrete. Tough adhesive and old mortar should be chiseled off the concrete, and fasteners such as tack strip nails and padding staples should be pulled back.
  • Clean the floor – It does not matter whether you intend to use glue or tape to hold the rubber sheet down on the floor. You need to make sure that it is clean. So, take time to vacuum and mop if it is a concrete floor, and vacuum if it is a wood subfloor.
  • Remember to clean up after installation – Get rid of installation debris and dirt from the newly installed rubber sheet roll.
  • Consider hiring an expert – To avoid guesswork and costly mistakes and rework, consider hiring an experienced installer. This should save you a lot of time and effort, and you can be sure that the rubber sheet roll will be installed correctly and quickly.

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